Anthrix Revende
Personal Info
Series The Still Plane
Race human(by technicalities)
Epithet Glazed Painsmith
Age 24
Gender male
Height 6'1
Weight 65 kg
Affiliation N/A
  • Mercenary
  • Merchant

Anthrix Revende is a relative newcomer to Gaia, having been drawn into the skirmishes of conflict between higher powers of chaos and order. While his experience is little at best, in uncharted territory, the odds he has had to face have given him little choice but to struggle to survive.


A native of a mercantile city known as Dorter, Revende made a living much like the rest of the locals. Through the purveying of arms and reaping the riches that came from such acts which constantly lead to the suffering of innocents caught in the crossfire. Tragic yes but for a person of his profession the thought was held that any responsibility belonged to the ones using the arms,for he merely dealt them. It was never his problem...until a day came where Anthrix experienced what it was like to be a victim. Beaten by the very people his earnings came from,but what scarred the merchant more was watching helplessly while everything he'd earned was ripped away.