Personal Info
Age Late 20s
Gender Female
Height 167 cm
  • Deepgate
  • Dolls / Angel Project
  • Unknown Parents
  • Unknown husband
  • Angel (child)
  • Dolls (by manufacture)
Ability Name Force field generator

Cannabis was the first doll to be mad and the leader of the Dolls.


Cannabis is identified by her dark red hair that she keeps put of her face with a bandanna as well as the numerous scars and stitches covering her skin. One of her eyes has been sewn firmly shut, but her other eye is a wide, brilliant violet. Inked on her arms are tattoos that allow for the creation of protective force fields. Dark circles shadow her eyes, signs of the sleepless nights from the pains.  She wears a cloak over simple clothing that barely hides the bandages that around her torso and lower body. Her belt puches contains her tobacco, cigarette paper and lighter while the cylinder she carries on her back contains her supply of Vodka.



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