Personal Info
Series N/A
Race Major Deity
Epithet God of Duality
Age Indefinite
Gender Male
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Affiliation Gaian Pantheon
Ability Name
  • Bestower of Faux Realta
  • God-like powers and abilities

Orzhova is a major deity in the Gaian pantheon, known as the God of Duality. He holds power over all opposing forces present in nature and in all beings within it. He holds power over balance in these phenomena to prevent any anomalies or aberrations that may sunder reality.

Sphere of InfluenceEdit

As mentioned, Orzhova holds power over all opposing forces in nature. These forces vary from those visually present in nature, such as night and day, the different seasons, and the cycle of life and death, to subtle elements in the human psyche, such as love and hate, savagery and civility, and the like. Note that, while his scope of influence may seem vast, he is only limited to balancing these forces, and hold no sway over the forces themselves. 

As such, he is the very definition of neutrality. Never picking any side, he can be both good and evil depending on the point of view one wishes to take. However, despite his arbitrary nature, Orzhova rarely intervenes in mortal affairs, choosing only to act when the consequences of a conflict may affect Gaia on a cosmological scale. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the nature of his sphere of influence, Orzhova does not himself manifest any outward power. Instead, he bestows it on mortals who are deemed worthy of being his champion. He usually manifests it in the form of Faux Realta, a pair of artifacts whose shape and abilities vary according to the user's most 'natural' perception of duality.