An isolated world that developed on it's own. It has little or no visitors from other worlds or dimensions. There are no official countries in this world, but there are five major cities that function as govenrning bodies of their areas.





A city suspended by chains inside a chasm located in the middle of the desert. Accessible only by airship or steel bridges. The city survives by trade and technology.

Home of the Dolls.


A city built in caves that had been carved by the flow on ancient river. There is little or no sunlight, the place is lit by alchemical globes. Many caves remain unexplored.  The city survives by mining and ... and.... something.

Home of Azgarth and Rozenquartz

Neo Venezia

A city built in the fashion of Earthian Venice. Glassworks and aquaculture are the main economic activities.

Home of Shiara.


A city built among the great trees on the banks of a river. This city studies the energy-magic manipulation bond. Religion is a big thing here. Home of that minor lunar goddess that I haven't named yet



A floating city anchored on the grassy plains. It floats just below the clouds by virtue of some compound in the earth that was discovered while digging for something.

Note to self:

  1. Does magic function here?
  2. If it is not magic, what is it? (SoulWorks?)
  3. Is there a material that allows you to touch what is untouchable?
  4. How advanced in technology is this world?
  5. Is this the first round, or is this post apocalyptic?
  6. Flora and fauna species?
  7. An actual story/plot?