A chonological listing of events that takes place in the shared universe.

The Ripple

The event where the World Waker creates the concepts of Creation and Destruction, spurring the first change felt in the Void. All things primordial were brought into being in the course of this event.

Dawn of Creation

The time shortly after The Ripple. After seeing the chaotic sea that resulted from equal forces of Creation and Destruction, the World Waker weakens and exiles the latter, allowing it to come back only after untold eons in dormancy to balance out Creation, thus allowing the current Multiverse to come into existence.

Deities and Demons

Smaller, more concrete concepts eventually came into being and gained sentience, forming the first Deities (positive concepts) and Demons (negative concepts). These entities formed a symbiotic relationship with the primordials; the latter being the medium in which the former can manifest physically, creating the different planets.

The Seed of the End

A "crack" in the plan of Creation, the Black Box (a slow, creeping manifestation of Destruction) came into contact with the early Multiverse. Each and every known planet has a piece of the Black Box in it that is either active or dormant.