The Terran race are the primary inhabitants of Terra and are citizens of the Earth Empire.


Terrans originated from single celled organisms that lived in the boiling waters of prehistoric Terra. Over the course of millions of years these tiny organisms evolved into a form similar to the deities created by the World Waker to govern all creation. The Terran race was an intelligent race albeit lacking sufficient magical capabilities being merely evolved from simple organisms. In their long existence in Terra, the Terrans found a way to downplay their disadvantages by merit of science and technology.

Common Characteristics

Terrans have little to no affinity with the Arcane in their base forms. However, there are rare occassions when one is born with magical powers but are still flawed in that they have no way to replenish their power with Terra being a simple planet. Terrans are extremely smart though and were able to advance exponentially but started out extremely slow.

Terrans vary in different shapes and sizes depending on the environment they grew up on. It is not unlikely to have very light or very dark skinned Terrans, tall and short Terrans or frail and strong ones. Terrans are also susceptible to a lot of kinds of diseases and also have risks of gaining deformities on newborns by merit of their flawed genetic codes.

Future Terrans possess technology that allows them control over their offspring's genetic characteristics. Augmentation, containment or addition of traits are not uncommon practices making Terrans better than most races through unnatural means.


Several different types of societies exist in Terra but all of these societies merged into a singular type of society by the near future. In the Earth Empire, they have rid their societies of any god-like figure believing they have already uncovered the secrets of the universe. In effect, Terrans view themselves as god-like beings and relegate themselves into a central dogma.

Terran society in the Earth Empire involves complex bureaucratic processes. A child is given a pre-determined role in society by way of genetic manipulation before birth. However, every single Terran must stay in Terra for their first 20 years of life to study and be attached to the homeworld to foster loyalty to the Empire. After their mandatory training is complete they are then given the choice to continue residing in Terra or to move into a colony of their choosing.

Notable members

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